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Originally Posted by thtr4me
Humm, this looks like it might be a good one to try! We have been long time Tide users, but lately I have noticed that all our laundry seems to be having issues with Tide. Just a strange underlying odor. I used Borax to get rid of the scent in our towels, but this might be worth a shot. I have been adding a squirt of Method detergent to each load, and that seems to be helping a lot as well.

Does anyone know if the Tide F&G HE formula changed in the last 6 months? It is either that, or our water has changed (well and aquifer water, so totally possible).
I'm not sure, but that's what we used and I started having the same trouble. We switched to Tide pods, but I'm wanting to give this a try now too. I never thought is be so disappointed in Tide...
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