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Re: Homeschooling check-in

I just about had a heart attack today when Tharen said "school work?" and I said yes and he didn't get angry. He then actually asked to do his math book because "it's fun." I think some one replaced my child with an alien clone. Of course we became distracted after working on dog training and played ball in the yard for a while. Kearnan went over on math work and now needs to vacuum the house for me (it is our deal to keep him on track or he tends to stare at the wall instead of working). Then we all got a little distracted sorting and playing with legos instead of reading. Oops... Tharen is going to help me with chores after lunch and Kearnan is going to finish his school work and then vacuum. Tonight is derby night so Tharen is excited for that. I think we are going to miss history again but we should be able to get through everything else.
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