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Re: targets biodegradable pristine clean detergent

Originally Posted by ChihuahuaMama13 View Post
I'm not sure, but that's what we used and I started having the same trouble. We switched to Tide pods, but I'm wanting to give this a try now too. I never thought is be so disappointed in Tide...
I've been on such a Tide rollar coaster with this baby. I rotated between tide free and Dreft with my first DD for the bulk of her diapering days and really had few issues.. However with this one its been one issue after another no so much diaper not getting cleaned but just something that doesn't quite work..

Tide free- less irritation MASSIVE sudding
Tide regular liquid (or various scents) cleans great irritates baby if not well rinsed suds a lot
TIde powder- clean great irritates baby suds a lot
Tide pods- best rinsing of the family, strong scents and not as good on stains... alos seemed to leave a kinda residue on the diapers maybe from the outter pod part? We noticed the same thing with the Dropps.

Still tide overall cleaned better than the other detergents, I did briefly go back to dreft and her rashes cleared but the suds were MASSIVE.. I reduced detergent and for a while had success but soon enough I needed to up it back again and the sud issue returned..

It is sooooooo much less stressfull finding a CLEAN rinsing detergent that actually cleans.

so far has also worked great on Chocolate milk stains on my DD favorite very white dress grass stains on DH jeans, greasy peanutbutter and jelly stains from sticky fingers takes care of my DHs stinky smelling socks and T shirts he uses for hiking. And cleaned blood from some sheets *nose bleed* I do spray N wash treat our regular wash clothes if I'm aware of the stain but plenty goes unnoticed and so far its getting it.

I can not spell and have no phone to blame things on.

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