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Re: Homebirthers

Originally Posted by Mom2ManyBlessings View Post
I know Im not the only one Who else is having a homebirth?

Is this your first? If not how many homebirths have you had?

What are you most excited about? Biggest fear?

When is your first appointment with your midwife?

Anything else youd like to share?
I'll be having another homebirth. (I'm not sure how much choice I have in the matter to be honest, but I like being prepared to be home than unprepared to be home ) DD was a planned homebirth, unplanned to be unassisted, DH delivered her cause the midwives couldn't make it in time. They still came out to weigh/measure, finish the placenta delivery etc. so that was nice. I'll be using the same midwives again. DS was born with midwives, but at the birth center section of the local teaching hospital. It was also nice, but I like being home better. My first appointment got postponed, so I'm actually not going in for a visit until Oct. 20th, I'll be 11 weeks or so at that point.

Originally Posted by Mom2ManyBlessings View Post
Thats tough to not have an option youre totally excited about. My midwife does VBAC a lot and is very experienced in the "eventful" birth which makes me feek so at peace with her. I lost a lil more blood faster then usual with my HBAC and she was on top if giving me a shot of pitocin right away not waiting to see what happened which my husband and I both appreciated.
Ask how many Vbacs they have done, what the outcomes were. I think if the one you dont like as much has a good success rate with it, that would be a comfort to make her look better. If she doesnt then thatd be another strike agaist her.

We live near Portland Oregon which is very natural living friendly and are blessed to have a large pool of midwives. . .I know some areas are much harder to find a good one.
Hopefully anotger option you like will pop up.

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I'm near Portland too, which midwives do you use? I use Vivante and I love them to pieces. I ended up being hospitalized at OHSU for kidney stones that triggered pre-term labor, and Linda, the oldest/longest practicing of the group, is on staff at OHSU also, so she was able to be there to monitor my care AND come for the birth, which was awesome.
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