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Are you winging it?

Happy Thursday!!!

Does anybody else feel like you are winging it at home schooling? This is my first year home schooling. I have my first grade daughter and then 19 month old twins to chase around.

I've never been much of a planner. I've learned that the best laid plans usually get screwed up. But, I knew I would have to be disciplined to teach my daughter. Organized and prepared.

I started out well. But, the stuff she's learning really isn't that hard. Of course, if things were more planned out, I would expand our school day by adding in projects and stuff. But those projects aren't necessary. She is understanding what she is learning. They would just be fun. I'd rather have fun doing something not school related. Like going for a hike. Does everything have to be tied into schooling? For the state requirements, sure, but not for me or my daughter.

Anyway, this week was just crazy. I'm feeling like I'm winging it more and more.

Is this normal? Can you relate? Any advice?
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