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Re: Anyone make coconut flour?

Yes, it really is that easy. I make all my own coconut products here at home with shredded coconut that I purchase in bulk. Flour, milk, water, butter, cheese, yogurt, kefir... it's all super easy if you're willing to put a few minutes of time into it. The worst part about any of it is the cleanup! And yes, it is much cheaper at the end of the day. For flour, it's about $10/lb in the store here or maybe half that if I'm lucky online (+shipping), & the cost of the coconut milk, my local store sells it in cans for $3.59/each for a soup can size (& that's that natural/organic either). I purchase the flakes in bulk from Wilderness Family Naturals & get around 25 lbs of flakes for around $85. I use that to make all the coconut stuff here & it's so much cheaper when you do the math. That and I have the flakes leftover to use (you strain them out when making the "milk" products) & I can still cook with them, make snacks, etc. I was worried I'd have invested in a ton of coconut but took the chance & it is more than worth it.
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