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Re: Need to vent about my mother.

I'm so sorry that she's being like this to you. Certainly you've done nothing wrong and I had the same plan if I was in your shoes. Life just took a different route when I met DH.

I would announce it. Subtly if you want. Either send out announcement cards or do a sweet Facebook thing or whatever would be most comfortable to you.

I also wouldn't worry about the timing. If you're not showing - no worries. Doesn't make you less pregnant and excited. If you're 6months before they find out, that's fine too. There's still 3 months and like 50 years for them to love your child.

I know it's important to you that your mother announce. but, if she's not going to, then just do it. I think I would personally make up professional announcements or something (this coming from the person who made her own wedding invitations, so I might not). Maybe get a cute shirt that says 'Mom club - joining April 2013' or something subtle. Or even a shirt with the size and location of the shape of the baby just on it. Plain blue shirt or something with a 3inch fetus down near the bottom. Take photos, send them out. So sweet.

but your baby deserves to be celebrated and you know they will. If not before, then certainly once the baby is here and cute and cuddly and all that. So, worst case scenario is just a few more months of awkwardness.

Anyways, sorry that you're going through this and hope you come up with a solution that works for you.

ETA: I don't think I even had 7 sleepers and we were all fine and fully clothed. I know that's totally besides the point - but do not get all into that 'I need 20 of everything' mode cause you don't. You really don't. Unless you just want to spend the cash, in which case - go crazy!
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