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Ebay: Received the wrong item!!

So I have three questions. First the back story...

I won an auction on a pair of red converse on Sept. 17th off of ebay. I was going to use them for a fall photo shoot with my boys, one of the photos I am/was going to do was to have a picture of these shoes. So with that being said I needed them to get to me soon, especially since nice weather for a photo shoot in our area starts to get iffy by October.

So a week goes by and no shipping/tracking info has been added . I think well maybe the seller just forgot to add it and it'll be here by the end of the month. So I wait till the estimated day ebay tells me it should arrive, which was Sept. 27th I think . So that day comes and still no tracking info or shoes in my mailbox. I email the seller asking about it. I get no word back after a day. So I get antsy and worried and say I'm going to file if I don't hear back within 48 hours from this new email. Well 24 hours later no email but tracking info is updated (it has just been sent on the 29th). So I just look over the fact that the seller didn't reply to my email and wait for the shoes. So yesterday October 3rd I get the shoes! YAY, right... nope it's NOT the right shoes !!!! So I email seller and seller responds back today saying it was a mix up and she sent my shoes to someone else. I can either ship back to her or ship them to the person who has my shoes.

So my questions are...
How the heck to I protect myself? I'd like to just send these shoes to the person who has my shoes directly as that'd be faster and I need these shoes like now lol. But I'm scared that somehow I won't get my shoes. Either way I'm iffy on how to protect myself, especially since I'm coming up on the 45 days to file.

Do I have to pay for shipping? I already paid the seller a larger amount on shipping then I normally would in the first place. But like I said I really wanted these shoes and fast so I just overlooked it.

Second question is what kind of feedback should I give after all this is said and done. If I don't get the shoes obviously negative but what if it all works out okay. I still am irked with lack of communication and not getting them when I thought I'd at latest have them here by the beginning of October. This seller has 100% feedback currently, don't necessarily want to 'ruin' that.

Okay, whew that was a lot longer then expected! Thanks for reading!
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