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Originally Posted by twinpossible
Sneezing hurt at first but it is better now.

My DDs are both pretty active compared to most kids but G is much more easy going then E. If I can go somewhere with just G live is SO easy! E is constantly moving and go go go. We are hoping this baby is totally chill, 3 under 2 that are all super active would be crazy hard!
Ahhh, 3 under 3. Thats what we'll have and I'm starting to rethink it. LOL

We just got back from the library and I'm so embarrassed!!! The kids totally ganged up on me. They bolted in two different directions. DD was pulling books off the shelves and DS was screaming crying and running around the tables. Having a total melt down. Eveytime I tried to get one they got louder. I finally threw them in the bathroom (where I'm sure the noise echoed but at least nobody was looking at us). Settled them down and hauled out butts out of there. I made DS say sorry to the Librarian. OMG sooo humiliating! I swear- I'm probably never going to get out of the house with these monsters once this baby gets here. Ah!
I guess we wont be going back to that library again. :/

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