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Re: Need to vent about my mother.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
ETA: I don't think I even had 7 sleepers and we were all fine and fully clothed. I know that's totally besides the point - but do not get all into that 'I need 20 of everything' mode cause you don't. You really don't. Unless you just want to spend the cash, in which case - go crazy!
Lol... no the 7 sleepers was it... absolutely nothing else. Or so the story goes.

I've talked to my sister since earlier... she made me feel marginally better simply by pointing out all she's trying to do right now is adopt a new cat and she is apprently getting all sorts of negativity from our mom for that too. So it's probably more internal stuff on the part of our mother then really anything we're doing.

I also came up with posibility three... that she will have come around and offer to tell the family... but really the window for advanced notice is sort of over dinner is Saturday and she's unlikely to talk to my Aunt again before then. If I annouce at dinner... well that would have always been me. But like i said i would have prefered if people had had a heads up to let them get the stupid comments out of their system before i have to deal with them.

My sister did make me laugh with "well really what's mom planning to do... spring you and baby on them at the first family even after april... she's going to have to say SOMETHING."
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