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Re: Talk to me about being Gluten free...

Originally Posted by delicatefade View Post
Oh my word, CMamma... what do you cook/eat?
LOL Basically nothing that's in a package/on the inside of the grocery store isles. I buy lots online & in bulk, we raise nearly all our own meat & grow what we can here. I make everything from scratch, even things like salad dressing, nut butters, etc by looking at ingredients/recipes & subbing things I can use to create the same things everyone else eats but without the allergens.

Lots of produce, meat/proteins, nuts, beans, grainlike things like buckwheat, almond/pecan/other nut meals/flours... honestly, we eat a TON of variety. More than we ever did before having to change to this diet. It's amazing how many other options are out there that I never knew about before. Nearly everything in the store seems to have one, some, or all of those ingredients in them.
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