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Re: Chat Thread ~ Sept 30th-Oct 6th

Originally Posted by mapleleaf88 View Post
This is exactly how I feel! Apparently HG gets wise with each pregnancy. I'm certain that I would die if it got even worse!! I've lost more weight than I'm comfortable with, and feel like life is continuing without me! I'm not doing this again. But I want a whole gaggle of children! 3 doesn't seem like enough! Maybe I'll change my mind once I'm raising 3 babies.
I can't imagine having HG - the bad m/s I get is quite enough, tyvm!

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
ok silly question--I am 11 weeks--pregnancy wise I am still in my 3rd month and move to my 4th month at 12 weeks right?

Sorry my brain is so spacey--that is a good sign right?
Sorta... depends on how you count things. 12 weeks, for me, was 2.5 months along (I am due on the 14th, so each 14th is the next month and each 1st is the half month, kwim?). At 11 weeks you would be 2 months along (in your 3rd month), and would be 3 months along somewhere around 13-14 weeks.

Originally Posted by 4dramamama View Post
I always just tell people how many weeks when they ask.

If they absolutely HAVE to know the month I would say I was three months at 13 weeks (4X3) + 1 = 13! I'm a math nerd, though. But remember that months don't ACTUALLY have 4 weeks but more like 4 weeks and 2-3 days. Oh no, my nerdiness is leaking LOL
I know weeks, and DH does, but often people have no clue. I'll say whatever weeks and they try to just adjust that by x by 4 - which is not right at all.

Yes, months are 4 weeks + 2 or 3 days (except Feb). So it all depends on which months you are pregnant for as to which day, technically, you change months.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
Most books consider week 13 as the second trimester, but there's still a couple out there that say 14.

As for months, I figure there are an average of 4 weeks in a month, so at 12 weeks, I was 3 months. That's not mathematically correct, I guess.. but it doesn't matter. I tell people in weeks anyways.
As long as you're going to 10 months pregnant, 12 weeks = 3 months But going by 9 months, it's somewhere between 13-14 weeks.

Funny enough, I will be both 14 weeks and 3 months along on October 14th.

Originally Posted by melilo View Post
Halloween is not my fave holiday... I don't oppose it, I just never seem to enjoy myself. Spend way too much money and/or effort for a lame costume that I still think sucks and only wear once.
Do you dress up yourself?

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
oh yeah.. I have no clue what DD is going to be. Last year, I waited until the very end and got a costume off the clearance rack. I intended to do better, but paying a ton for a costume really doesn't work for me. Same idea this year, except I'm still just as resistent to $30-$40 for something she'll wear once.

and she got very little of her candy last year and will get very little this year. I'm not anti-candy - we love candy. I just hate worrying about if I brushed her teeth well enough.
We try not to spend too much, but our kids also continue to play dress up with their costumes after halloween is over, so we get more than one wear out of them.

We let each kid pick 3 treats after t&ting, then everything goes into a bucket. Each day the kids get to pick one thing to take for after lunch at school. Sometimes they get one thing after supper too, depending on how the day/meal goes.
Our candy usually lasts a l.o.n.g time this way. Often into spring and even summer some years!
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