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Re: Spam me your apple recipes!

One of my fave & easy things to do with apples or any other fruit in that condition is to make an easy jelly or sauce in the crockpot. I just bought a ton of markdown pears today that were in a bad way. I just core them, cut out the bad pieces & then toss them in the crockpot on low (cover on). I don't even take the skin off if unless it's on a bad spot. Occassionally, I stir or maybe mash a little. Once it gets down to a supermushy or liquidy state, I take the cover of the crock off & let it cook down. Once done, I just fill mason jars. You could make applesauce this way too, just dicing up for chunky or toss into the blender if you want it thinner.

And you can add whatever you want to it - sugar, spices, etc. I leave the sugar out of ours since we are sugar free here & I think it tastes just fine. I also like it being plain so I can use it in cooking - I often use fruit sauces as the liquid when making cakes, pancakes, muffins.

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