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Mitral Valve Prolapse heart murmur and ABX in labor?

anybody have any info on this?

I was told I have a mitral valve prolapse like 6 mos ago. I've never had a heart murmur before, but BOTH of my parents have one, so I'm not surprised I've developed one.

The doc didn't "officially" diagnose me b/c they need to do an u/s to diagnose (???) but he said I do have it.

Anyway, MW says I will need ABX during labor b/c of this.

I had an IV bag of ABX w/my ODD in labor b/c of GBS. And we had a year of thrush.

I am really NOT okay with IV ABX and I am trying to figure out

1) WHY I need it? (my MW had a hard time explaining this, but we only discussed it in passing at the time b/c I had not contacted my doc's office to see whether I for sure had it or not)

2) What are the possible effects of NOT consenting to it?

Anybody know?

I'm really upset.

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