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Sweater and longie set **** pictures added****

*** pictures added****
Thank you Aprilflower

Even mix of green 2 blues and a really light almost white lilac. Sweater is awaiting a button to be added.
Trying to add pics and it won't let me. Would be happy to email pictures.
Really cute set knit by one of the ladies at my Grammas church for me.
Not sure what they are knit on or how to tell.
They are not picky though.

It is Around a 12-18 month size. Draw string waist.
Never been washed, worn or lanolized
Was meant to be GN but turned out a bit too much boy for me to want to put it on dd2.
Will happily lanolize prior to shipping but this will add a few days to my turn around time.

Not sure on price. $65 ppd ?
Feel free to mmaro if you think it's priced wrong.

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