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Talk to me about HSing

I've always thought about it, but never thought I could actually do it. I worry a LOT about socialization. Recently, and for no other reason than I hate the constant sickness that runs through the house during the school year, I have thought about giving it a shot just to keep our house healthier. Even if it's just temp.

I don't know if it matters, but I've got a lot of education, so I'm not so worried about lacking the knowledge. I've held a job in the past where one of my primary roles was to give some classes/teach people (though we were all adults & it wasn't something I had a choice in/could NOT do if I wanted to not do it). I'm more worried about actually getting it done (procrastinator here) & not leaving my kids behind - how do you stay on top of it/make sure you stay on track & don't get behind? And also the socialization issue. We are in the country & I cannot drive so I guess I feel limited in that sense.

Who is the teacher in your house? You? DH? Both?
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