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Re: Mitral Valve Prolapse heart murmur and ABX in labor?

Originally Posted by leyash View Post
What symptoms does one have with MVP?

I know nothing of anything about this, just curious.
well, I had kidney stones after my last baby, and my MW says sometimes stuff like that can cause you to develop this, esp if you are pre-disposed, which I am since both parents have it.

I notice I tire easier than before.

And at bedtime when I lay down, my heart is sometimes racing so fast I can't catch my breath - even though I'm laying down and doing nothing and haven't been exerting myself. It can take a while - like 5-10 mins - for my heart to calm down. If I get really upset or stressed, my heart thumps like it's gonna flop out of my chest.

Basically the way the doc explained it is that I have a leaky valve between chambers of the heart and so it doesn't seal off completely like it should and it can cause the blood to flow the wrong way a tiny bit (it's supposed to seal off so the blood only pumps one direction, mine leaks and so sometimes the blood can come back the wrong way.)
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