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Originally Posted by leyash

Dang! This stuff is insane! :/ So sorry for all of you that have/have had health problems.

Did you have any symptoms with your leaky aortic valve?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just SUPER interested in health stuff. It's fascinating to me.
The last year or so before my surgery was miserable. We had a two story house and I could my even climb the stairs to the second level. Thank goodness our bedroom was downstairs. I couldn't mop the floors without breathing like a ran marathon. Any kind of activity and even waking had the se effect. I could literally feel my heart beat with each beat. In fact, when I came out of surgery that was my first semi lucid comment, that I could not feel my heart beat anymore!

I knew we wanted more kids so chose a human valve over mechanical. I had to wait about 5 months for the range of sizes to be available I have had this valve for 8 years now and they last 10-15 years but no problems so far. My next valve will be mechanical because honestly healing from open heart surgery was the most painful ordeal for me. My incision opened up about the top 3 inches and I had to pack it for 3 months. The pain lasted a good year, stinging and burning when I loved my as out. Keloid scar on the part that opened. I still can't do any gym exercises that required moving arms in and out with weights.

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