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Re: Back at Work ans Stressed Out - Help!

Your schedule sounds pretty similar to mine, except that I usually shower at night, and often shower with DD to kill two birds with one stone. Would your kids be willing to hop in the shower with you? And I usually go to bed around 11 and wake up closer to 6.

Meal planning helps, as does having a crockpot. I basically tell myself that each night, my goal is to straighten up the kitchen and do one more household chore. If I'm tired, that one other chore can be as simple as putting some mail away, or if I'm feeling more energetic, I'll do some laundry or sweep. I usually spend saturday mornings doing laundry and cleaning. My house is never perfect and I'm often tired and stressed, but at least I feel like I'm accomplishing something if I set one small goal to take care of each day.
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