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Re: Chat Thread ~ Sept 30th-Oct 6th

LOL thanks everyone. I ask bc I got my workout videos that are broken down by months.

As far as Halloween, I am doing ds1 Halloween party at pre-k with another mom. You sign up at the beginning of the year. I did it last yr but the other mom dropped out and I did it myself. The teachers wanting no frills and were just like bring some cookies and juice--right up my ally!!!! Well the mom this yr is all into it and listed off, no lie, 10 things to do for the party as far as food and 2 activities, and like 4-5 decor. I wanted to be like hey lady simmer down now! I just said, "you do not have to do all of those things I can do some." I think it is a bit much for a 4 yr old classroom party but whatever. Food was Pizza, hot dogs, cupcakes, oreos, other cookies, pretzel snacks, wands made out of candy...and on and on and on.

Maybe that is not much--I don't know bc I am so not a party planner person so I was thinking some decorative cups, plates, napkins, and halloween themed cupcakes--ta-dah!
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