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Originally Posted by tentrevival
I want to know better resources on this too. I agree that it's scary how many heavy metals are in them for little people, but I also know that there are people who've dedicated their lives to providing vaccines world wide so that children don't have to suffer from Polio and things like that any more. There have been a few isolated small pox outbreaks because of fewer people vaccinating. We've vaccinated our boys on schedule, but are open to doing something different in the future if we can find unbiased informative resources.

What do you mean about ethical reasons for the varicella and MMR? Varicella was really important to me for my sons to get because I almost died from chicken pox. No one thinks that's a serious illness, but fatal cases are actually not all that unusual.
I didn't want to start a debate by opening this can of worms, but since you asked... It's my understanding that fetal stem cells from aborted babies are used in the production of these two vaccines (and some others that are not routinely given). I am very pro-life, so this is not okay with me.
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