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Re: To vax, or not to vax

Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
I like Dr. Sears The Vaccine Book. He's actually pro-vaccine, but it gives you the run down of what is in the vaccine, what it protects against, etc. I thought it was pretty comprehensive.
yes. This book helped me TREMENDOUSLY with this decision.

I think a t some point, we will bring the kids up to date on their vaxes. But right now I am just not comfortable with it.

As far as living in a bubble, I am not quite sure I understand what that means.

We don't vax, our 5.5 yr old has had the most vaxes, she was routinely vaxed until age 2. Our middle child had the first 2 rounds as a newborn, and no more since. He is 4. Our youngest has never had a vax. We will not vax this next baby.

We don't live in a bubble. We go places a lot, we have friends, our kids play at the mall play area, the local park, go to the library, the children's museum, and we are always coming or going somewhere it seems. Far from living in a bubble, we are out a lot! We are probably gone doing something at least 3 nights/days a week, sometimes as many as 5 or 6.

We DO school them at home. But here that doesn't matter. I could still send them to school with the exemption form if I wanted to. I just prefer not to for other reasons, but it's not b/c I'm scared they'll catch a scary disease.

Vaxes are a hard choice to make. It's all about risk assessment. I highly recommend Dr. Sears Vaccine Book. He really breaks down each vaccine, it's side effects, how scary the disease is that it's supposed to prevent, the statistics about the disease (how many kids catch it per yr? How often is it deadly? How often do kids have life-long affects from the disease? etc). I was surprised to find how "harmless" (ie, not life threatening, just very unpleasant) many diseases are that we've become conditioned to be terrified of....
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