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Power struggle w/ a 4 year old?

I'm sitting outside the baby gate while my 4 year old son has a "time out" in his bed to settle down. Gaaaaaaaaah!!!

I was on the phone with DH and he was so excited to talk to his daddy that he was licking, hitting me, wrestling sister (18 mos) and eventually kicked her in the face (accident).

Soooo... Here we sit. A nice little 20 minute "breather" that was supposed to be just 5 but got doubled bc he was being obstinate and sassy, and then doubled again bc he threw something at me.

"well obviously you need a longer time to chill out, buddy. If you come down from there you'll do the rest of the timeout in your carseat."

I know things get better. And today actually hasn't been bad. Just wanted to hear from someone who has btdt that "this too shall pass."
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