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frozen breast milk

So today i left my little one with my mom and grandma with 4 oz of frozen breastmilk. After awhile mom calls me asking where the milk is. I told her on the kitchen counter.

After work i find out they couldn't find it anywhere. Mom didn't know what to do and gave my almost 4 month old cow's milk. I felt horrible, horrible. Almost wanted to cry.

I searched everywhere for the milk. Fridge, trash, counters, bathroom, under the couch, inside bowls in case my toddler girls put it somewhere. NOWHERE!

After several hours, mom telks me to come see this. I look, it is inside one counter i missed. It is sitting there with alk her spices. My almost 80 year old grandma put it ther e thinking it must be some type of frozen sugar. Then forgot about it.

Now, i have 4 oz of milk which has been in room temp for almost 9 hours. Part of the 9 hours it was frozen.

Should i use it or throw away?
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