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Re: Chat Thread ~ Sept 30th-Oct 6th

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
oh yeah, I think the dress up costumes are a great idea. but I think isn't that easier when they slow down in the growing? DD should be having a growth spurt this month, I'm scared to buy anything but after that, I guess they start growing slower.
Even if my bigger kids outgrow stuff, there's always been another one coming behind that grows into them

Originally Posted by melilo View Post
There are two things that I miss the most being pregnant. Tuna (sushi) and beer. I'm a total beer snob.
While I wouldn't drink beer while pregnant - at least not until the last few weeks - I wouldn't totally forgo tuna or sushi. Sushi doesn't have to be any fish or meat anyways, but even if you want that, just make sure you're going to a good place (not dogdy, kwim?) and maybe skip the raw fish and get smoked or whatnot instead. No need to totally go without though!
As for tuna - they say 1-2 cans per week is okay. I can't remember which kinda of tuna they recommend, but I know there is one that they say is supposed to contain less mercury. I don't eat tuna.

Originally Posted by mapleleaf88 View Post
My kids are bring Mario and Luigi! I'm making their costumes (I bought white shirts and hats, and will be dying them, then screen printing the hats! So excited!).
I'm also announcing my pregnancy while we go to family's for trick or treating! I'm so excited about it!! I got a shirt and iron on transfer paper... I think I'm going to design a little pumpkin to put on my belly and have it say "growing another Lil pumpkin". Or a cute mummy that says "Mummy to be". Or do like a baby skeleton over by belly? I don't know yet. new ideas are welcome!
Halloween is my favorite! I haven't had the energy or time between work and toddler herding and being sick to really get into it yet... I'm thinking next week I'll decorate the house!
Love the Nintendo theme And I really love the mat skeleton shirt with the baby skeleton inside - I think it's super cute!

I wish I could get some decorations out, but I have to wait until after DS1's birthday (16th)... and I should really wait until after his party (though I'm not sure when we're having that yet!).

Originally Posted by jenbengtson View Post
had my 12 wk appt today. Everything is great. She got the heart beat right away and it was 160. I get to skip the 16 wk appt and will go in at 18.5 wks for my big ultrasound. I am so excited to know what the baby is. I thought I wanted to wait till the baby was born to find out, but I realized I can't do that. I need to be prepared. So we find out the day be for thanksgiving, and we will share the news with the family at Dinner. And it just happens to be my MILs birthday on thanksgiving so what a nice gift for her
for a great appt! And that's good timing with the u/s!

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
LOL thanks everyone. I ask bc I got my workout videos that are broken down by months.

Maybe that is not much--I don't know bc I am so not a party planner person so I was thinking some decorative cups, plates, napkins, and halloween themed cupcakes--ta-dah!
Ah, gotcha. What day are you due on? I would just go by that as each month - shouldn't say I would, I do!

That seems like overload for a group that age! Gosh. Your idea sounds just perfect to me!

AFM: Man, m/s seems to be kicking into gear again the past couple days. Shucks. I'm hoping it's just making a last hoorah before leaving... but I worry that it'll stick around! for the magic of 13 weeks I usually get!!!
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