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Re: To vax, or not to vax

Originally Posted by erlyjo View Post
The new pediatrician says he is ok with parents who choose not to vaccinate, but related scary stories about how at least one kid from their practice dies every year because they weren't vaccinated
Did you ask him how many kids die each year even though they are fully vaxed?
I HATE when Drs use scare tactics to make patients do what they say. They are not the boss of every patient, they are there as a resource and to help when needed/asked.

Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
I like Dr. Sears The Vaccine Book. He's actually pro-vaccine, but it gives you the run down of what is in the vaccine, what it protects against, etc. I thought it was pretty comprehensive.
I have heard great things about this book, both from vaxers and non vaxers.

Originally Posted by erlyjo View Post
Here's what I mean by living in a bubble.

He told me I should not take her out. Not to the store, not to church, not anywhere where there are crowds. He also told me I would have to keep my older siblings away from her since they could bring home germs and make her sick. I can't live like that!
That is COMPLETE and UTTER bullsh!t. I would likely have said so right to his face. What a jerk.

For us/our children, DD is "fully vaxed" as per the schedule when she was born - which has been added to (multiple more shots "needed" now) since. She had all her DPTP and MMR, her school booster.
DS1 is not fully vaxed, as per the schedule when he was born (changed then even since DD had been born). He reacted severely to his 2mos needles, and we chose to delay anything further until he was 2 years old. He then did finish his DPTP, HIB, and MMR - but he did react again to the DPTP when given his final dose, and as such we have not done his school booster (DPTP+MMR).
DS2 had all his shots, no reactions, but no school booster.
DS3 had his 2, 4, 6, and 12 month ones, but I haven't been back to the Dr office since February, so he's behind. I'm not worried about it.

None of our kids have had the varicella vaccine. We won't be getting that done until they are older (ie. thinking about it in the next couple years for DD) and haven't contracted chicken pox naturally.

I totally agree with you that it's too much put into a very little body. I don't like that.
I did find out, with DS1 and our delaying his shots, that once they turn 2 years old they suddenly need less doses of some vaccines - which cuts back their shots quite substantially. For example, I can't for the life of me remember which vaccine it was, but as a baby he would have needed 4 doses - after 24 months only ONE dose is required.
Also, when they get nearer 2 years old, the blood-brain barrier is better established, which can help with reactions.
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