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Re: To vax, or not to vax

Originally Posted by erlyjo View Post
Here's what I mean by living in a bubble.

He told me I should not take her out. Not to the store, not to church, not anywhere where there are crowds. He also told me I would have to keep my older siblings away from her since they could bring home germs and make her sick. I can't live like that!
If my dr ever said that to me I would get up and walk out and start finding a new dr asap. It couldn't be further from the truth.

My first was fully vaxed on time, he's now a big ball full of mess including adhd and autism

my 2nd and 3rd were delayed because they were born early, they were partially delayed until they were 2 and 3 years old and then I stopped completely. They both have adhd and my 3rd has neuro issues

my girls (4th and 5th) have never had a single vaccine in their life and they are the healthiest kids Ive ever seen, both are 100% "normal", matter of fact my 5th is 27 months and is testing at almost 48 months all around.

We do not live in a bubble, they go to public school and daycare, went to summer camp over the summer too, your dr needs his head checked.
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