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Originally Posted by Ferrum
I've had Alvas for over a year now. See thread below where I compared an old and newly bought Alva.

They do have occasional quality issues based on what I heard at the coop, like a certain batch of PUL that delaminated easily, snap placement slightly off, weak elastic. Of the over 50 in rotation, I have had only 2 weak elastic (still usable), and some slightly off snap placement (still usable). I bought all of mine from a coop and they have a decent replacement policy (for product that is completely unusable) as along as we send in a photo and it is shipped along with something else (meaning they won't pay for shipping it to you).

I loved the double gussets for holding in ebf poop. It fits smaller and for longer than the regular Alva, but can be bulky. I use dg now mostly for nights.

The regular Alvas with SC are super trim and just such great value. I did get them in velcro in the end for daycare diapers, since my LO turned out to be super squirmy after he turned 6+months.

My review last year with pics
Your baby is cuuuute! I can't wait for the next coop! Anyone know when it is?
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