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Re: Let's see your kids' rooms!

Originally Posted by thtr4me View Post
Okay, seriously all these rooms are so neat and clean! No clutter, no toys everywhere. How do you all do that? Even if I clean up everything in site, 2 small tornadoes are right behind me causing mass toy chaos. And we seem to be just drowning in toys, but I cannot tell you where they all came from. Do they multiply at night?
Our bedrooms are always this neat, 24/7 . There are only a few toys in their bedrooms and they are stored in bins and drawers. My guys don't play in their rooms much at all, though they have 30-60 minutes of roomtime daily. We don't leave roomtime until order is restored . We have a playmat with matchbox cars, a playmat with construction machines in the big boys room along with a "treasure" bin for each. Books are the main attraction in their rooms. Levi has a bin of weebles and weeble house, Viking machines and garage, foam blocks and a wooden shape sorter in his room in his black cabinet. Honestly, they sleep in their rooms and have quiet time to read on their beds whenever they want, and some roomtime daily. There's not many toys in their rooms, we purge constantly, and everything that is in there has a home and is easy for them to put away .

Now our living room where all the action happens gets a bit disorderly mid-day with various blocks creations, the art and craft table and all variety of trucks and men and animals. Its a battle scene daily. We clean up before nap, again before dad gets home, and before bedtime. Again, we purge constantly, everything has an assigned home that's easy for little people to put away, and they are taught when small what are play things and what aren't. Yes, if I'm not on the ball, toys multiply exponentially.
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