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Re: Heartbeat?

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
last pg, MW couldn't find the HB with doppler until 14 wks! :O She did the same thing your doc did, and said "oh I hear it..." and listened hard for a while, I heard NOTHING but static. I kept saying, "I don't hear anything. Are you sure?" She said "yup, it's hard for you to hear, but I can hear it."

I was kind of upset, but I was at peace b/c I knew there was nothing she nor I could do either way. If I was going to suffer a loss, it was going to happen and there would be a reason my body was miscarrying. So I just let it be and hoped for the best.

Everything was fine and I had a healthy, happy baby with no complications.

Babies are so small still at that gestational age, and they could be way at the back of your uterus, or behind your pelvic bone, etc. so that it makes the sound waves really faint to untrained ears. Also where the placenta is matters as well.

try not to worry mama.
Thank you momma your story made me cry--happy tears I guess lol pregnancy tears.

I feel exactly the same way you explained and almost felt like I couldn't express that bc I thought that I was or peopele would think that I am cold or heartless although this experience has made me become more attached to baby. I am not sure that makes sense or not. But I think that there is nothing anyone could do to prevent a mc so I am going to stay optimistic and not let worrying overcome me bc that would not be healthy for anyone in my family including baby and me.

I do not remember how soon I heard heartbeat with my other 3 children. I should've kept a journal so I would remember how far along I was.

Dr did say he knew he would have a hard time picking up heartbeat at 11 weeks. So that is what has made me stay calm and hearing everyones words of encouragement and stories where the same thing has happened to them.
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