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Re: As property owners, can we be held liable? *RESOLVED, THANKS MAMAS!*

A few more details came to light tonight after Dh called the cousin to inform him of what was going on & the precher to let him know we do not carry insurance, and to tell him what our lawyer said.

1) The dog was on a chain. Apparently the preacher got too close, so the dog bit.

2) The precher was "on the job." He is also a fireman for our town, and he felt the need to stop by and check out a trash pile the renter was apparently burning. It was a contained fire, he didn't have to do anything. He was just stopping to "check it out." We're good friends with our town mayor (we live in a town of 190) and Dh told him what was going on. He had no idea the preacher was on the job and said he should have notified the Fire Dept. because since it happened on the job it would have been covered by workmans comp.

3) The preacher is insured. He did not tell me many details when he was here, but he told Dh that it is his insurance company who wants our insurance information. All I can figure is maybe they're trying to deny him the right to file the claim, for whatever reason.
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