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Re: WWYD- complaining leg hurts

Where is he complaining of pain?
My kids have all (around that age, too) started having "growing pains". They all complain of pain in their calves and knees. We give them advil and heat up a rice bag for some relief - seems to help, they're able to sleep after the advil kicks in.
They never complain of it during the day, it usually starts in when they're starting to settle coming up to bedtime.

I don't know if you had growing pains yourself, but I remember having severe ones. They suck. And they hurt. A lot. Not fun at all.
Definitely if it's still bothering him through tomorrow (I mean pain, though, not just slight discomfort, which is normal to have after the pain) I would take him in to get it checked out. But if he wakes up and seems fine in the morning, I wouldn't worry about it.
FWIW though, sometimes my kids' (and my own) pains would come back a few nights in a row - they're just coming along with a growth spurt, things stretching and pulling. Hey, like the round ligament pains we can get during pregnancy - totally normal, but very uncomfortable.
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