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Re: frozen breast milk

Definitely toss it, and don't wait!

I came home from work on Friday last week to see our nanny didn't use all the frozen breast milk that I'd moved to the fridge that morning. It had thawed in the fridge, and I figured I would find a time to use it the next day. Well the weekend was wild and I forgot. Monday morning I had to run to work early, so I didn't get around to transferring milk from the freezer to the fridge, just ran straight to work without even looking in there. So what did the nanny see first thing Monday morning? A nice tube of breastmilk already thawed. Perfect!

I called an hour after she arrived when I remembered the old milk, but it was too late. It was under 2 oz, and she and hubby both smelled the bottle (some was left) and said it smelled just fine, but I felt like the WORST mother in the whole world. My rule book says it should have been tossed Saturday afternoon, so nearly two days passed before it was fed to my baby. All my fault.

But I will say he was just fine. No upset tummy, no bad poops, nothing.

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