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Re: Big Mamas October Support Thread

Originally Posted by Mags462 View Post
To all the stallers.... it sucks - just don't be like me and say SCREW IT.... keep at it - eventually you will start to lose again.

Chinese and all the rest just sounds good..... but no one else in the house likes it so i rarely eat it.....

So.... confession - i suck at eating right when life gets busy. I am so involved daily running around that it's like "AH - its 2pm i haven't had anything to eat i need to eat" and i just cram something down. bad, very bad. i must, and i mean MUST do better..... meh, i need to get the heck with it. I just pushed so hard, lost a lot, and now I'm running around too busy to care - so weighing in tomorrow morning - which will probably make me cry, but its reality. And i need to get my booty out the door in the AM and run again - i have just been doing the video this week b/c i am staying up to late which means i am not getting out of bed in the AM *sigh*......

Sorry for the rambling - I'm having a "I will always be fat" sort of down day
I've been having those days a lot lately. My body may be lighter but I looked better last spring when I was working out. I just can't seem to get back in the swing of things. I'm exhasted when I get home from work, I work all afternoon to keep stuff running at home, I fall into bed and in the AM when I wake up I'm still tired. I don't know what the deal is. I just can't seem to get back at it. Oh, and as for your other problem that made me my problem is the opposite. I look at the clock, go ACK it's two pm and I've eaten way to much and have no calories left.
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