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Re: October Accountability Thread

Originally Posted by Bellaroo View Post
I stunk it up big time in August then didn't even try in September. This month I'm determined to do better!

Week 1
1. $137 for groceries ($13 under budget!). No non-budgeted spending.
2. $118 for groceries ($32 under budget! Our grocery store has customer appreciation days each month so I saved $15 on each grocery trip). $24 for supper ($20 from DH's misc money; $4 from mine).
3. $0
4. $2.50 for a queen-size flannel blanket.

Groceries: $255/$300
Misc $: $6.50/$50
Well, I feel like I'm doing pretty well so far. Not only have I avoided stores but I listed my double stroller for sale and already had two people wanting to buy!
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