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Originally Posted by canadianbakers

I just think it's silly to use that tactic - sure, don't vax, but your kid might DIE!
It's a horrible thing. Trust me, I'm not belittling infant/child death. AT ALL. But, sometimes kids die. Vaxing and doing everything "right" sometimes doesn't make any difference at all. You just make the best choices for your family.

I think it was the HIB... but I'm not sure. I'm trying to think of which ones they get 4 shots of - DPTP/HIB are the only ones (2, 4, 6 & 18 months) I think. If it's between those 2, it definitely wasn't the DPTP. But definitely don't quote me on it!

You could always google for vaccination schedules, you'll find different ones for different ages, delaying or not.
I do know that in some European and Asian countries they don't even start vaxing until the kids are 2 years... I think Japan is even older? Anyways, there are less reactions and the kids need fewer shots - both in my books!

FTR, I'm not totally against vaxing, lol. Like if we were travelling I would definitely be getting vaxes for the important things, kwim?
Thanks! I'll look those up!

I'm not pro- or anti-vaxing really. I just think you should be prudent about what you put in your body, vaccine or otherwise. If we're low risk for something, there's no point in overloading their tiny bodies with substances that we can't really know the long term effects of.
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