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Re: How much do you spend on maternity clothes?

1st- $75, and I though that I bought things very frugally. Most tops were on clearance for under $3 and bottoms less than $7. I splurged on one pair of maternity jeans. The rest of the clothes were work clothes, and I no longer work.
2nd- $20. I bought maybe one outfit.
3rd- $100 Which was a huge splurge for me.
4th- ? I'm thinking I'll spend $100-$150 if I can talk myself into it.

We had no $ with child #1, but things have been very comfortable since right after she was born. I've never really spent much money on myself, other than my $100 splurge last pregnancy because dh never wants to spend money on himself. I just feel like all of my tops from my 1st and 2nd pregnancy are pretty worn and I feel crummy in them. $10-$20 for a top and at least $20-30 for bottoms. I can get by with some of my non-maternity tops that are loose for a while, but I just want to add a few bottoms, a dress (we go to church every week) and a few real maternity tops. We aren't poor by any means and we probably wouldn't even notice in our budget if I spent $100-150 on clothes, but I hate spending money on myself. At the same time I want to feel good and confident about myself and for me clothes can really make a difference. DH won't care. I'll just tell him I want them and he'll say, "Get what you need" or "Get what makes you happy" and then he'll help me pick them out.
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