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Re: When did/would you let your child go to a sleepover? (non-family)

At age 6. When the 2 oldest girls were that age they were BEYOND excited. If they were tentative or scared then no way. However, they have only had sleep overs where I knew the family. And I will fully admit this past summer when DD1 was 8 she had a sleepover at a friends house where I knew the mom, but didn't know the dad very well. I was confident and not worried. DD1 knew she was never to be in a room by herself with the dad and if she ever felt uncomfortable/scared/uneasy/etc. to tell them she didn't feel good and she needed to call me. I would pick any of them up at any hour.

When DD1 was in K a girl in her class had a sleepover b-day party. I did NOT let her go. No way. I had no idea who the parents were. I didn't even know the mom. Not gonna happen.
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