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Re: To vax, or not to vax

Plenty of people talk about vaxing and their children having issues. There are also plenty of non-vaxers who's children have issues. We fully vax, and both my girls are very healthy. DD1 (3) has been seriously sick (like fever/doctor sick) maybe 4 times in her life. DD2 (21 months), also fully vaxed, has been sick once, 3 weeks after she started daycare. I personally don't feel like vaxed children are any 'more sick' than unvaxed. I just think there are way too many interactive factors (like lifestyle, genetic predisposition, general overall health, exposure, etc) to say this one thing makes a definitive difference, ya know? But I'm all for doing your own research and coming to your own conclusions based on unbiased information! Good luck!
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