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Re: When did/would you let your child go to a sleepover? (non-family)

Originally Posted by ajane View Post
At age 6. When the 2 oldest girls were that age they were BEYOND excited. If they were tentative or scared then no way. However, they have only had sleep overs where I knew the family. And I will fully admit this past summer when DD1 was 8 she had a sleepover at a friends house where I knew the mom, but didn't know the dad very well. I was confident and not worried. DD1 knew she was never to be in a room by herself with the dad and if she ever felt uncomfortable/scared/uneasy/etc. to tell them she didn't feel good and she needed to call me. I would pick any of them up at any hour.

When DD1 was in K a girl in her class had a sleepover b-day party. I did NOT let her go. No way. I had no idea who the parents were. I didn't even know the mom. Not gonna happen.
I think that is the big issue. I don't know the mom well and she is friends with some of the worst moms in my town. I hate to judge people by the company that they keep, but it makes me really nervous. When I told DH that her DD invited ours he kinda laughed and said "I don't know about C watching her" which tells me a lot since he thinks I'm overprotective . He knows her better than me since they hung out in the same circle of friends sometimes in school. Like I said, I think I'd be ok with her having a sleepover with my friend's DD because I know how their house works and I feel safe with that, but this makes me really uncomfortable. Thing is this girl and my DD are friends and as long as we live here, they are always going to be in the same class throughout elementary school so this is probably going to be something we have to deal with each year.
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