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Re: Help! Friend losing milk supply quick, and baby only 6 weeks old!

I struggled with DS with the same problem, but my total output was 4oz a day.
These are the things that helped me:
Switch nursing - back and forth multiple times per nursing session.
See a lactation consultant to make sure latch is perfect.
See pediatrician to check for tongue ties, and poor suck.
Domperidone! (I took the max dose for 6 months and this made the biggest difference out of everything.)
Make sure all supplementing is done at the breast - get comfortable placing and using a feeding tube while nursing.
Get a my breast friend nursing pillow since they have a convenient pocket for holding the supplement bottle.
Pump for at least 15 minutes after every feeding.
Never go longer than 2 hours between feedings. If baby is sleeping, then pump instead.

Make peace with not having a full supply. Not everyone can breastfeed exclusively and if your body can't live up to your expectations, it can be crushing. Accept that you have to feed your baby whatever you can and any breastmilk you can provide is a good thing. Don't push yourself too hard...All of these measures are exhausting and if it's taking a toll on your health (mental or physical), formula isn't the end of the world.

I spent 7 months desperately trying to exclusively breastfeed and managed to get my supply up from 4 oz per day to 12-14oz per day. It more than tripled, but was still less than a third of what my son needed each day. The best advice to give her is to accept that her body might not work perfectly. This website helped me a lot:

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