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Re: What no one tells you about breastfeeding

I'm all for breastfeeding. It is the only food for a baby!!! With my first breastfed baby..... I cried everytime she latched on for 2 weeks. I was in so much pain. After those two weeks I got used to it and she nursed till she was 4 rs old. And only stopped because my milk supply dried up during the week that I had oral surgery and painkillers, I just couldn't pump enough. So she and her little sister stopped then. Her sister was two. So I tandem nursed them on demand. I have a closeness with them that I wish I had with the first 4 kids. When the latest baby got here 4 months ago, my girls asked if they could nurse too. They tried but couldn't rememeber how to latch on. So go for it. It will probably hurt but it is totally worth it and it's amazing how much the love the one who feeds them.
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