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Re: When did/would you let your child go to a sleepover? (non-family)

Originally Posted by Psychomom View Post
How do you know the moms know? Kids plot & plan all the time without telling respective parents.
The mom definitely knows because she directly asked my DD (not me) if her DD gave her their phone number when we were leaving school. When I asked "why, did they want to have a play date or something?" her DD said "No, she's going to sleep over at my house." I found it really odd since I was seriously standing right next to the mom for a good 5 minutes before they started releasing the kids from class and she said nothing to me. It was just weird. I would think if my DD were talking about inviting somebody over for a sleepover I would probably talk to the other child's parents ahead of time, or at least give them my number and explain that my DD invited theirs when it happened instead of leaving it to the kids. Funny thing is, her DD didn't even write a correct phone number when I looked at it later. There were like 6 numbers written down, some backwards or upside down .
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