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Re: Thinking of getting DD evaluated for ADHD.

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
A diagnosis will give you a starting point, help other professionals work with her, and you can look into strategies and ways to help. While ADHD has a bad rep, it IS a neurological difference in the way the brain functions. Medication is not the only solution, though when it works, it WORKS. There are other ways to deal with it.
I agree a diagnosis is a starting point, from there you can discuss therapy, educational support and medication if it would be beneficial for your dd. ADHD is neurological difference, like autism, bipolar or depression and I do think it benefits not only the child but the entire family when it is acknowledged. I grew up in a family that would not address my bipolar disorder and it made getting appropriate treatment difficult. To this day they can accept my epilepsy and my older son's autism but they do not understand my bipolar diagnosis. It only makes it more difficult now that my younger son has been diagnosed with mood disorder (which will change to bipolar as he grows).

Talking to a doctor and finding an appropriate diagnosis for your dd, whatever that may be, can help you move forward and hopefully stop blaming yourself. I know it is scary to think about medicating your child but medication is not the only option and it may be that she doesn't need it at all.
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