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Re: Are you winging it?

I had a plan, it all went out the window this year. Right now I am winging it for Tharen but the plan is still in place for Kearnan. There is always the chance that the plan will completely change at any given moment. I've had to embrace the idea of learning from life. We are not exactly unschooling but we are on the edge. I think we are pretty close to Waldorf style schooling for Tharen, school at home for Kearnan. Kearnan would love to do what Tharen is doing but he just doesn't learn that way (I think he is jealous of the time Tharen is getting and then the free time too). Obviously eventually I would like to get back to more of a plan but for right now we are just going with the flow and trying to let things go. So long as he is learning I am going to let it happen. The alternative is putting him in PS because he wasn't going to go along with my plan.
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