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Re: Basically it's Friday!

Morning mamas.

Jen I tried to send PP but it is having issues with my CC. IDK what is going on, I used it today so the card is fine. I will try again today.

Kari, my DH is the same about food. Drives me nuts. And he will put trash on the counter NEXT to the trash, but can't seem to put it in the trash. And Ginger has issues remembering to flush also, and he's pretty good about staying on top of it, unless she goes upstairs. But the bed, he's never done that. Even if I've stripped the bed and forgot, he'd put a blanket down under and on top of whatever kid it was. Maybe you need to make him a checklist? That's what I do with the kids when the repeatedly cannot execute routine stuff correctly.

Ginger is up to her old tricks at school again. She lost electronics privileges for a week, then a month, and also lost her opportunity to go to a food drive event she really wanted to attend. And next is no Fall Festival, then no birthday party. I'm seriously frustrated. She literally cannot comprehend to behave and follow the rules because it's the right thing to do. Seriously a mini-Sheldon in that respect. I was reading different things about it online, about why many gifted kids have some of the same issues ADHD but don't have ADHD (because they can focus on stuff, sit still, not blurt out things, etc if they want to) and it said they have some of the same developmental delay issues in the frontal cortex that ADHD kids so, but not all of them hence not all the same symptoms. And one source suggested you could do behavioral therapy all day long and only see minimal improvement, because you have to wait for the frontal cortex to catch up with the rest of the brain before any real change takes effect. And when there is such a huge gap between that and the rest of the brain, transition is that much more complicated since you have such hugely asychronous development. Ugh. Just what I want to hear, that I can't do anything but wait until she "outgrows" it. Gah.
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