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We picked our midwife by recommendation of another midwife who was also recommended by a friend. We went with ours because she is a CNM so she can write prescriptions and order tests without an OB or MD.
We live in a rural area with a large number of Amish. Our house was Amish when DH bought it. Then we converted it. He also joked that when we had kids that I would birth them in the barn with a stick to bite on. I have SEVERE doctor phobia, so a homebirth was ok with me. The Business of Being Born and Pregnant in America pushed me over the edge.
We've had a problem with family members disagreeing with homebirths. DH's grandma was a real problem. She called me up when she heard rumors of a homebirth and grilled me for an hour on where the baby would be born (just before my due date-not impressed ). His sister had a real problem with it too. To this day, she still talks behind my back about it. Of course, she thinks that every one should have an elective c- section.

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