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Originally Posted by Mrs.Leichliter
Ok ladies....I am about to go do this--->

I was at 161 last Friday. Today it looks like I'm about 170. (Our scale is a basic-model thing with little lines and dots--rather hard to read.)
I DO.NOT.GET.IT!!!!!! I have eaten good all week! I am nursing! What the heck happened? Could it be water-weight? I haven't eaten anything unusual, except I had a protein bar yesterday. I hadn't nursed yet or (tmi) gone to the bathroom when I weighed. Is there any chance of that being it?
And last week when I was 1 lb. away from my pre-preg weight, my pants still didn't fit.
I am ready to just break down and cry.
Do you move your scale? Also Kimmie says not BFing before will cause an issue. Plus going to the bathroom is a big deal before. I met some people on WW that said it would cause a lb gain. So all your questions have yes answers.

If you move your scale around you have to find a level spot and put it there always (exact same spot). I have seen someone on MFP gain 5lbs only to lose it again. The scale in the AMA e flat spot is very important.
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