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Re: Basically it's Friday!

Jen it makes my heart happy that you were able to help that little girl.
I have kids clothes packed, my clothes packed,chores and dishes done. Now to clean the whole house, double check the packing, pack diversionary items like electronics, snacks, coloring books, load the truck...and go to town to watch the big girls walk in the homecoming parade. Each class walks together. Then Lydia and I will rush home, and try and get horses loaded on the trailer before the bus gets here and the big girls are home.
Bella is doing horribly at school. Not because she isn't smart enough, but because she apparently doesn't care. She won't tell her teacher if she doesn't understand a question/assignment, won't write down her assignments like she is supposed to, is extremely lazy (sloppy writing, losing homework, not using complete sentences). I have talked to her ad nauseum about it and had a phone call with her teacher. I basically told her teacher not to cut her any slack and to push her hard because that is the only way she does anything. Not to mistake her for not knowing these skills or being able to comprehend.
The fan on my puter sounds like a wood chipper.
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