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Re: To vax, or not to vax

Originally Posted by erlyjo View Post
Here's what I mean by living in a bubble.

He told me I should not take her out. Not to the store, not to church, not anywhere where there are crowds. He also told me I would have to keep my older siblings away from her since they could bring home germs and make her sick. I can't live like that!

I'll have to look into the Dr Sears book. I just want factual, non-biased info, which is so hard to discern these days. It seems like everyone has an agenda.

oh. my. word.

That doctor is pressuring you and trying to scare you into doing something you are not comfortable with.

I'm actually really SHOCKED that any medical professional would ever say such a thing. That is really, REALLY far-fetched. Like, off the charts, in never-never land, way out in left field, wearing an aluminum cap to keep the aliens out GARBAGE.

What a total jerk.

I don't think it's too much to ask for a doctor to discuss risks/benefits with you (for anything not jut vaxes) and you should be allowed to make a choice you are comfortable with, even one that the doctor may personally not agree with.

Originally Posted by Ellasundies View Post
In addition to what others have said about your new doc being ridiculous for suggesting to keep your kid Ina a bubble... I would be very Leary of any doctor who says they loose one non-vax'ed kid per year. Vaccine preventable diseases for the most part are pretty rare. To have one death per year, or even every 5 years would be a lot. Personally I think he either has no clue or is lying to you. Too bad you didn't ask what disease they die from.
yes, yes, yes. I think he's lying.

...I also just want to tell you OP that I am also not ANTI-vax or PRO-vax, I am just not doing the vaxes right now, as I don't think they are necessary RIGHT NOW. In 3 yrs, we might.

What a PP said about kids needing far less vaxes the older they get is spot on. Most vaxes are for childhood illnesses.

And finally, I just want to echo the PP who pointed out that exposure to germs is a GOOD thing for a healthy immune system and that vaccines are not the only (or best!) way to prevent illnesses and diseases. Good hygiene and a good diet go a long, long way, but they don't make anyone any money, so no one really "sells" it like they do vaccines.

Anyway, It's not an easy choice, but it's an important one, and it's one you can't reverse, so be sure you are completely comfortable with WHATEVER you choose - vaxes or not.

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